arizona immigration law
The Opinion of People about the New Arizona Law of Immigration

The public fully supports the new law for illegal immigration passed by the legislation of Arizona. This law aims to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants, mostly coming after crossing the border of Mexico. This law also aims to stop other crimes in the region, including drug trafficking. By the implementation of this new law, the provisions given to police will be increased and they will have power to detain and stop people who are being suspected to be illegally habituating in the country. Although, the Federal government and the administration of Obama strongly criticize the new law but the public opinion on Arizona immigration law shows that they fully favor the new constitution law.

73% of people approve of the act of showing their documents to police to verify their status of whether, being legal or illegal. Also 67% of people favor the act of detaining by the police, if anyone is not able to verify its legal status. On the other hand, 65 % of people also favor the questioning of police to people, who they might suspect to have illegal status. The reason for supporting this law is to make their state free of illegal crimes and also from various types of smuggling that have been on high because of illegal occupants in country. After being asked about detail of provisions of law, 59 % people said that after considering all the provisions they think passing such law will be beneficial to stop illegal immigration, while on the other side, 32% of people disapproves of the new law.

The Pew Research Center conducted  a national survey for the press and people, on May 6 to 9 among 994 citizens that were considered as an adult, shows that  the splitting of Democrats over the issue of new law of Arizona’s illegal immigration is even.45% of them approve the law while,46% of them disapproves. However, it should be noted that majority of Democrats still favored two provisions of constitution, one being the verification of their statuses by the police, who have the right to ask and check their documents (65%) and second being the power of police to detain anyone who is incapable of specifying its legal status (55%). Republicans overwhelming support the law and its three main provisions. There is a slight difference in opinions of independents on the new Arizona‘s law and its constituent elements (64% of them approve), which are visualized as positive.

Public opinion on Arizona immigration law shows that older people are more supportive than the young ones.45% (slightly less than half) supports the law, having an age group below 30, while 47% of these young people disapprove the new law.74% of older people having an age group between 65 and above, approve of the provisions and of the law itself. However, even the young ones, almost the 61% of them approve of showing their documents to police for verification of their statuses, while on the other side, 35% of these young people also disapprove this element of the law.